На Куликовом поле продолжается празднование 640-й годовщины легендарной битвы

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    Nathan,Thanks for the comment. Very, very appreciated. You make excellent points all around. There always has been a disconnect—as there still is today—between the letter of the law and what is actually enforced, and it is vital to remember that when talking about punishments (although, I think, there’s still a moral problem of laws that seem immoral on their face—perhaps like what the Supreme Court did in Lawrence v. Texas, in striking down a law that had rarely been enforced). So your comment, since we didn’t address those factors, is very helpful. Our posts probably tend be a bit more simple, looking at the ways in which the Bible (the Old Testament so far) doesn’t hold up to the literal reading of many Christian fundamentalists. We haven’t incorporated some of those other, very important sources, like the Mishnah, which often provide some context—but will work to do so.Thanks again.Greg

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